We meet every borrower and inspect every security property personally prior to approving a loan.

When you invest with Property Funding you have full loan disclosure. You will know who the borrower is, for what purpose the loan is being made, and exactly where the security property is located. You are the one who selects what first mortgage you want to be part of. You may choose to only invest in farms, within certain cities, or even just in the first home buyers nz market. It’s totally up to you.


Campbell Rural Investments Limited (“Campbell”) approached Property Funding seeking $900,000 secured by first mortgage over a Waikato farm with a market value of $2,000,000. The subdivision funding was used to refinance Campbell’s existing $500,000 mortgage, plus provide a further $400,000 to cover the cost of subdividing off 4 lifestyle blocks.

Once subdivided the lifestyle blocks would have a market value of at least $250,000 each, and the remaining farm will still be worth $1,900,000.

Campbell’s bank declined extending the existing mortgage because their annual income was only $70,000.

Property Funding, providing non bank property finance, saw the opportunity to help Campbell unlock value from the property by funding the subdivision.

*Note, some key details have been changed including names of investors and borrowers to maintain privacy.

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Investing in first mortgages is straight forward.

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What entities can invest?2018-10-30T00:30:36+00:00

You can invest using any legal entity, provided you are a Wholesale Investor and compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements.

What happens if the borrower does not make their monthly interest payments?2018-10-30T00:33:46+00:00

We will work with borrowers to promptly resolve any payment issues.  In the event a borrower continues to miss interest payments, we will take all necessary steps including the sale of property to recover your investment.

Can I get my money back before maturity?2018-09-13T22:20:14+00:00

First mortgage investments are for a fixed term and your principal will remain invested until the repayment by the borrower. However, we can reoffer your investment for sale to other investors before maturity to enable early repayment.

How does the security structure work?2018-10-30T20:45:22+00:00

Property Funding enters into a General Security Deed (“GSD”) with each investor to protect the investor’s interest in each specific loan that they elect to advance funds for.  Security Trustee Services Limited (Security Trustee), holds a registered security interest over Property Funding, for all investors.  Property Funding holds the first mortgages in respect of each specific loan and if Property Funding defaults in paying its investors then the Security Trustee will step in to take control of the mortgages in accordance with the GSDs.

Does Property Funding provide investment advice?2018-10-30T00:36:36+00:00

No. We are only permitted to provide general product advice.  You should seek your own independent financial advice before deciding to proceed with a first mortgage investment.

Does Property Funding or its directors invest in any of the mortgages?2018-10-30T00:38:46+00:00

Yes.  Both Blair and Miles and their extended family co-invest in specific loans alongside our other investors.


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