We pride ourselves on being more responsive, flexible and creative than traditional lenders.

Whether it is non bank property finance to secure a property, farmers finance to expand your farming operations, subdivision funding or investing in commercial property , whatever your unique situation we will look to tailor a solution for you.


Buying and selling a property at the same time? We understand that the timing of opportunities is not always perfect.

If you need funds to secure a property before you’ve sold an existing one, we can offer bridging finance. Bridging finance is a short-term property loan secured by a first mortgage. We provide bridging finance solutions for residential homes, rural properties, or bare land.

With our bridging finance nz wide, we can help in a range of common situations:

  • Debt servicing ability is difficult to prove.
  • Temporarily unable to meet your existing loan repayments.
  • Property refurbishment or development works needed to unlock value.
  • Opportunity to buy a business, but the major banks won’t lend.
  • Keeping your home or business when your partner wants out.
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Seasonal income cycle creating a cash flow challenge? Banks won’t give you business finance until you can show higher productivity, but you need finance to increase productivity? We understand that managing a farm has unique challenges posed by unpredictable and highly seasonal income streams.

Farm finance is a short-term loan secured by a first mortgage over property that can help with everything from expanding your operations, making improvements to the property, to buying more livestock.

Our farmers finance solutions can help you to:

  • Buy livestock when the time is right. 
  • Buy new machinery before selling the old.
  • Cover unexpected expenses.
  • Purchase a neighbouring farm to scale operations but funds are currently tied up in live stock.
  • Invest in farm management technology to reduce compliance costs and maximize productivity.
  • Take advantage of sound off-farm investment opportunities as they arise.
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Looking to get your subdivision or development off the ground or ready for completion but the major banks or finance companies won’t approve a loan? We understand the challenges associated with property investment nz wide, such as paying for surveyors and consents long before the sections are ready for sale. We, as a non banker mortgage broker friendly finance company also help individuals, families, and commercial developers to fund the subdivision of land when money is tied up elsewhere.

Subdivision and development finance is a short-term loan needed to unlock the unrealised potential of your property.

Our subdivision and development finance solutions secured by first mortgages can help you to fund your residential or rural subdivision, or development project.

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Expanding your investment portfolio to include commercial property? Banks won’t provide funding because your situation doesn’t meet their lending criteria or business loans nz wide are becoming more difficult?

Commercial property finance is a short-term loan to help you secure an investment opportunity or new premise for your business.

With finance companies auckland and nz wide often making this a difficult process, our commercial property solutions can help in a range of common situations:

  • Purchase of a vacant building for refurbishment.
  • Secure a long-term premise for your business.
  • Purchase a partially tenanted building to add to your investment portfolio.
  • Purchase a tenanted building that requires remediation work.
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Property Funding will only provide finance to trusts or companies. We do not provide credit to natural persons (except as trustees) and nor do we provide credit where the credit is to be used, wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic or household purposes.

We will only provide credit for commercial, business and investment purposes.

Where a trust or company is the borrower and residential property is being offered as security then we may also require to be satisfied that there are good commercial reasons for the trust or company to be the borrower.

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