• Bridging finance

    Short-term loans to see you through

    We understand that timing can be everything. If you require property finance today and the main banks are saying no, because it could be a while before you have everything they need, then call us right now.

    We're available 24/7. You'll speak directly to our decision makers and we can give you an indicitive answer within 10 minutes.

    Working with you

    We offer a wide range of finance solutions to help people gain some time for a better outcome or to bridge the gap between acting now and refinancing with a main bank later. Every situation is unique and we treat each case on its merits.

    Here are some examples of when you might need us:

    • Buying a home before you've sold your current one

    • Can't prove your income right now, because you're self-employed or building a new business

    • Need a while to build or re-establish a record of steady savings or repayments

    • Temporarily unable to meet your existing mortgage or loan repayments, and the bank is talking mortgagee sale

    • Funding a renovation, construction or sub-division project to achieve a better final outcome

    • Buying a business for a good price now, but the main banks won't lend until later when the opportunity might be gone

    • Keeping your home or business when your partner wants out of the relationship

  • Farm financing

    Breaking the seasonal income cycle

    We understand that managing a farm is unpredictable and income is highly seasonal. If you're in a tight financial spot right now, or there's a golden opportunity within reach but the bank's not playing ball, you need to talk to us.

    We can provide alternative ways to arrange short-term and seasonal loans, so you can focus on farming through a challenge or seizing an opportunity that will lead to increased productivity and growth.

    Our farm financing solutions provide an effective way to break the chicken and the egg problem, where the bank won't give you finance unless you can show a higher productivity, but you need that finance to lift your productivity. Our short term finance can see you through, then once things have settled and productivity is growing or your expected future income has arrived, you can refinance through traditional bank sources.

    Our farm financing solutions can help you to:

    • Buy livestock when the time is right

    • Buy new machinery before selling the old

    • Work through a cash flow challenge

    • Invest in farm management technology to reduce compliance costs and maximise productivity

    • Take advantage of sound off-farm investment opportunities as they arise

  • Low doc and no doc loans

    Little or no income evidence required

    When it's hard to show the bank clear evidence of a suitable income history, but the future's looking good, our 'low documentation' and 'no documentation' loans can help you move forward. If you have enough of your own money in a new or existing home or business, we can usually arrange a loan based on the future, not the past.

    Here are some examples of when this can help:

    • Self-employed or small business owners with fluctuating income

    • Owners of a new business that's just becoming profitable after paying off start-up costs

    • Seasonal, contract or temporary workers

    • Property developers

  • Debt consolidation

    Turning worrying debts into one simple loan

    If you have a bank loan plus several high interest debts - such as credit cards, store cards and personal loans - things can easily get complicated and out of hand.

    To take back control, give us a call today. If your home is worth more than your bank loan balance, we can usually help get things sorted. To do this, we may be able to arrange a bigger loan than the main banks might be willing to, so you can pay off all your high interest debts and focus on managing one loan well.

    Later on you can get back to a normal bank loan by showing a clear record of managing your money well. In the meantime, the stress and worry are gone.

  • Subdivision and development finance

    Creating two or more sections from one plot of land

    If you're ready to subdivide a residential or commercial property, and it's proving difficult to get a bank loan to see you through, talk to us.

    We understand the challenges of paying for surveyors and consents long before the sections are ready for sale. We also help individuals, families and commercial developers to subdivide land when the timing is right, but the money required is tied up elsewhere. No two situations are the same, so you can expect us to listen carefully to your objectives and recommend development finance options to suit.

  • What we do not do

    Consumer Credit Contracts
    We do not lend to borrowers where the borrowing is wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic, or household purposes unless the borrower is a trust or a company.