Farm financing

Breaking the seasonal income cycle

We understand that managing a farm is unpredictable and income is highly seasonal. If you're in a tight financial spot right now, or there's a golden opportunity within reach but the bank's not playing ball, you need to talk to us.

We can provide alternative ways to arrange short-term and seasonal loans, so you can focus on farming through a challenge or seizing an opportunity that will lead to increased productivity and growth.

Our farm financing solutions provide an effective way to break the chicken and the egg problem, where the bank won't give you finance unless you can show a higher productivity, but you need that finance to lift your productivity. Our short term finance can see you through, then once things have settled and productivity is growing or your expected future income has arrived, you can refinance through traditional bank sources.

Our farm financing solutions can help you to:

  • Buy livestock when the time is right

  • Buy new machinery before selling the old

  • Work through a cash flow challenge

  • Invest in farm management technology to reduce compliance costs and maximise productivity

  • Take advantage of sound off-farm investment opportunities as they arise