Bridging finance

Short-term loans to see you through

We understand that timing can be everything. If you require property finance today and the main banks are saying no, because it could be a while before you have everything they need, then call us right now.

We're available 24/7. You'll speak directly to our decision makers and we can give you an indicitive answer within 10 minutes.

Working with you

We offer a wide range of finance solutions to help people gain some time for a better outcome or to bridge the gap between acting now and refinancing with a main bank later. Every situation is unique and we treat each case on its merits.

Here are some examples of when you might need us:

  • Buying a home before you've sold your current one

  • Can't prove your income right now, because you're self-employed or building a new business

  • Need a while to build or re-establish a record of steady savings or repayments

  • Temporarily unable to meet your existing mortgage or loan repayments, and the bank is talking mortgagee sale

  • Funding a renovation, construction or sub-division project to achieve a better final outcome

  • Buying a business for a good price now, but the main banks won't lend until later when the opportunity might be gone

  • Keeping your home or business when your partner wants out of the relationship