• Property Funding

    Property Funding

    Established in 2000 by Blair Kirk and Miles Purchase, Property Funding is a New Zealand-owned private finance company that is more responsive and flexible than traditional lenders.

  • Farm Finance

    Farm Finance

    If you’re in an awkward financial situation right now, or there’s a golden opportunity within reach but the bank’s not playing ball, you need to talk to us.

  • Subdivision Finance

    Subdivision Finance

    If you’re ready to subdivide a residential or commercial property, and it’s proving difficult to get a bank loan to see you through, talk to us.

  • Bridging Finance

    Bridging Finance

    If you need to bridge the gap between acting now and refinancing with a main bank later, you should be talking to us.

  • Low Doc & No Doc Loans

    Low Doc & No Doc Loans

    When it’s hard to prove suitable income history, but the future’s looking good, our ‘low doc’ and ‘no doc’ loans can help you move forward.